Electronic reporting

If you are a reporting entity with an Internet connection, you must electronically submit all reports on suspicious transactions, large cash transactions, electronic funds transfers and casino disbursements to FINTRAC.

Electronic reporting is supported by F2R, a secure application accessed over the internet. The application is offered at no cost. You will need to enroll in F2R to use any of the electronic reporting options.   

F2R allows reporting entities to:

  • manually submit reports
  • manage the location and contact information included on reports
  • delegate reporting to a service provider

Instructions for enrolling are included in each electronic reporting option.

Electronic reporting options


Learn more about F2R, FINTRAC's web-based tool for reporting entities.


Learn more about batch reporting requirements and technical specifications.

Service provider agreements

Learn more about entering into an agreement with a service provider to send reports to FINTRAC on your behalf.

Systems maintenance schedule

FINTRAC's reporting systems are affected by weekly system maintenance from 8:00 P.M. Saturday to 12:00 P.M. Sunday, Eastern time.

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